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Volume 10: Issue 1
Spring 2008


Peer-Reviewed Articles

Thomas Brignall, III and Thomas Van Valey
Online Gaming Communities and the Neo Tribalism Movement

Anita Gombor and Liliana Vas
�A nation- and gendered-based study about the relationship between the Big Five and motives for Internet use: A Hungarian and Israeli comparison�

Randi Gressg�rd
Mind the Gap: Intersectionality, Complexity and ‘the Event’

L. Frederick Zaman
Ultimate Reality's Purposive Ontology: Rethinking Aristotelian Naturalism

Andrea Amato
Knowledge Within Anxiety

Timothy McGettigan
Anomaly Overload: An Evolutionary Theory of Truth

Book Review

Timothy McGettigan
May the Fittest Survive: The National Academy of Sciences vs. Creationism

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