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The publication of this journal is made possible with the gracious support of the International Consortium for Academic Publication (ICAAP). Since its inception, ICAAP has provide free publication services for numerous startup electronic journals. The work of ICAAP has in turn been made possible with the generous support of Athabasca University.

However, ICAAP must now operate on a cost recovery basis. As a result, ICAAP is asking for voluntary donations in order to help defray the minimal costs of internet publication. It costs ICAAP about 3,000 CAD per year to publish a scholarly periodical. This is a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial publication and well worth the services ICAAP provides. With sufficient support, ICAAP will be able to continue to produce and publish open access scholarly publications.

If you find this journal useful, and if you would like to see ICAAP continue to support the publication of scholar led internet publications, we suggest a donation in the range of $5.00 to $20.00 per year. Your donations are safe and your online transactions secure. Donations are handled through Athabasca University's secure server and processed by Athabasca University's finance department.

A secure donation form is available online.

Thank you in advance for your support of this journal and of the revolutionary work of ICAAP.