Produced by ICAAP

Volume 2: Issue 2
Fall 2001


Editorial Comment

Timothy McGettigan
Where Scholars Fear to Tread: The Inertia of Academic ePublication

Refereed Articles

Lisa Lopez Levers
Representations of Psychiatric Disability in Fifty Years of Hollywood Film: An Ethnographic Content Analysis 

Margarita Alario
A Turn to Scientific Analysis and Democratic Deliberation in Environmental Policy: Political Risk, Legitimation Crisis or Policy Imperative?

L. Frederick Zaman III
A Physico-Social Theory of Weberian Ideal-Types: The Newtonian Deconstruction of Classical Sociology 

Herb Thompson
Culture and Economic Development: Modernisation to Globalisation 

Gaurav Rajen
A Note on Critical Theory 

David Keplinger
From the Wall to the Wall: The Revision of History in 21st Century Czech Republic 

Timothy McGettigan
Field Research for Boneheads: From Naïveté to Insight on the Green Tortoise

Letter to the Editor

Theo Theocharis
A Physicist Experiments with Physical Studiesy